Living my new normal

so much to share...

  • Wow, thank you for sharing. I was touched by your story, as I am by all the stories of amazing courage of the moms and families who endure the unthinkable. What is that quote? Courage doesn't always roar...sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorrow. Sounds like it has been a tough few days. Glad we got the site back up and running for you!

  • Yes - definitely those days that you are not prepared for can often be the worst.  They just sneak up on you and pull your feet out from under you.  

    Making the decision to withdraw life support from your baby is a decision that no parent should ever have to make.  My husband and I also had to do that, and like you said, even though you know it's a decision that need to be made, it doesn't make it any easier.  

    Wishing you some peace and sending hugs your way.


  • Oh big hugs!  Those days that sneak up on you are definitely the hardest to deal with.  Their birthdays, passing days, the little milestones remembering what happened are hard but you're prepared for them, you expect them to be hard so a lot of times they end up being kind of peaceful remembering days.  Many hugs to you, so sorry that Share was down on the days you were remembering him most.


  • I have been thinking about you since the site went down. I am very glad that it is back up and that you are back. I wish we could have all been here for you during those really hard days though. Libby is right, the unexpected days are the worst ones. When you have no warning and no way to brace yourself for impact. Those days are the days that I am thankful that I have Share and everyone on here.