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social situations

  • Oh gosh, you are so brave to get out there as a couple. I wish you could have been given the space you so deserved without having to endure such conversation. So many other topics that could've been mentioned like the weather or sports or ANYTHING else. You did good by getting up and outta there. I've stayed sitting listening to hurtful conversation and have regretted it. Your husband put it best.  Again, just sorry it unfolded that way.


  • I think that your husband really described it perfectly. People really do seem to be so much more respectful of someone who is suffering from an illness than of someone who has lost a baby. We all seem to be the outcasts of society for some reason. People just seem to think that our children are less important because they didn't live as long or something so its OK to just rush things along when it comes to when we should be over it. Its very infuriating at times. I have really just learned to ignore I guess. I am not sure if this is the best response or not but I can't help it. Otherwise I would go crazy from all of the insensitive remarks. I think when things were as fresh as they are for you this was not as easy to do but now five years later it is getting easier. I hope that your friends mother will realize the mistake she made and how hurtful the words she said were and hopefully apologize.


  • Wow- kudos to your husband for finding just the right words.  It was big to have gone out together to a social function with so many unknowns.  I remember our trepidation at doing the same.

    We're all right here with you,


  • I think I still dread social situation even 7 years later!  I love how your husband put it!    Some people just don't get it and never will.  Sending hugs and glad you were able to make it through all that without "bursting any bubbles" !  HUgs dear friend!