Living my new normal

some weeks are harder than others

  • I am so sorry for this super stressful week.  I wish the govt. would get it together so that folks can get back to work. That has to be straining everything and I hope the shut down ends very soon.  Hugs are great after strong emotions:)  I thought Walmart carried everything too.  Grrr when they don't have it.  Sounds like you all did great at the reunion.  Lots of triggers there for sure.  I am glad that your family is acknowledging your son too and that your family tree included your angel.  So special that you found the cross.  It's so easy sometimes to start throwing things out when we get in that mood, but I'm so glad you saved it and feel close to your angel with it.



  • Let the world stop for the day!! When I have days like these it is all I wish for, Just a stop so i can get it together!! I am so sorry that your family is dealing with so much and will pray that it works out!  I LOVE that Scott was included on the tree, heart melting moment.  Hold your cross close and cherish the moments, sometimes since they are all we have it makes the days easier.

    Many Blessing,


  • I'm sorry for all the stress - I know it must be especially tough if your family has been affected by the shut-down.  We all have moments when we snap and say/do things that we're not proud of.  I have found myself to be particularly moody lately - not sure what it's all about - but I can relate.  I have been snapping at my 2 year old, and it doesn't feel good.  Granted - it's only when she is being difficult (as we know they can be!) - but it still doesn't feel good.  Glad you were able to break the tension with a little singing/humor.  

    That really is so nice that Scott was up there as a part of your family tree.  He certainly is part of your family - so he absolutely should be up there.  So glad also that you were able to connect with him with the cross that you have.

    It was really nice to meet you at SU - I'm glad you came and hope you found it to be meaningful.