Living my new normal

survived another year

  • What a beautiful day filled with Scott and his memory.  I love those who love our children and lean into all the hurt that we have and stay.  They make this journey bearable.  And I love that that very special butterfly visited.  I too say "Hello" when those little winks appear.  Some bonds can never be broken.

    With love,


  • Hugs and love to you, Nicole. I saw your FB post -- and the incredible strength that you've gained because Scott is, was and always will be in your life. Those little reminders that our angels are with us give us pause -- and make us realize they will find ways to let us know they are still here.


  • Hugs and love, Nicole.


  • Sounds like a special day. That's great that you were able to gather the strength to post about Scott and feel the love and support from friends and family.