Living my new normal

survived parent orientation

  • I am so sorry for all of the moms with large tummies coming at you from all sides at the orientation.  That's rough!!! You sat through it and hopefully went to your happy place (Chocolate Land). I hear you on the toppings!  I bet you kept the yogurt people busy unless it was a self-serve and if so, I'm glad you helped yourself to extras:)  

    The preschool sounds like a good one:) It will be strange at first, but you will both get into a routine.  New routines can be scary for everyone.  It's also a step in that moving forward direction, but never in the way you imagined it.  I know.

    Thinking about you.  Take first day pics:)


  • I have all the same food coping mechanisms - chocolate and toppings (but I usually go for ice cream)!  

    I'm sorry it was so hard to be at the orientation.  I've had similar feelings many times - whenever we reach a new start I am reminded of what is missing and how things should be.  Good for you for sticking through it.  I'm sure preschool will be a great experience for C and I wish you both good luck!