Living my new normal

taking a break...

  • Hi Nicki,

    I loved seeing your pictures on FB from your vacation. It looks like all of you had some much needed fun, rest and relaxation.

    There is absolutely no need to feel guilty about taking a break from "doing" where our angels are concerned. It doesn't mean we've forgotten them -- it means we are living life the way they would want us to, and taking time for ourselves.  I've found in my own life that just as I can't devote all of my time and energy to my girls, that I can't devote all of my time and energy to my angels. Because if I do, then there's no "me."

    Take a breath and take things slow. You'll find the groove that works for you.

    Hugs and love.


  • I am so glad you enjoyed your vacation! I completely get what you're saying- No matter what, we will never forget our babies, or what their short lives did for us. Sometimes, its nice to remember who we use to be, and maybe even keep a bit of with us along the way. I too like to be busy, even if its just around the house, laundry, garden etc, so that I have a constant purpose.

    Love and Hugs


  • Nicki,

    A belated birthday wish to Scott.  It's been in the past year that I've taken Akeelah's necklace off- replaced it with others that remind me of her, but aren't her handprint.  Like you it's been a big step- and it's hard to put a finger on but it feels... good? light?  I'm not quite sure, but I understand what you mean.



  • Lauren your comment made me feel more at peace. I have not worn Scott's footprint necklace since the beginning of June.  I have been wearing some of my other jewelry I have and it just feels right to me.  I know that I won't not ever wear it again but I have finally given myself permission to not always feel I have to wear it.

  • I'm glad that you all had a nice vacation and made some new memories on an island:) Very cool! You know, our angels are always on our minds. We carry so much on our shoulders, it's okay to give the necklace a break. I have an angel wing necklace for N and I don't wear it everyday. I used to and now I tend to wear it when I want/need to feel closer to him. Giving yourself permission is huge:)



  • Yes, it's so powerful when we give ourselves permission to let go of some things... and peaceful to know that even after we loosin that grip - the love still stays.  It was never tied to a necklace- even though sometimes it felt/feels that way.  Right there with ya mama.