Living my new normal

talking about death with my 6 year old

  • You are handling a really tough situation so very well.  I know you don't want to do this but you're doing it anyway because you're an awesome mom who wants to help her son navigate the world and unfortunately, death is part of this world.  You know this better than most and you are absolutely the best one to give him the answers he seeks.

    Good luck.  Your sweet boy is so lucky to have such an attentive mom.


  • I've had this conversation many times with mine. Hugs to you! It is best if he hears it from his parents, so you're awesome for making the plan to talk with him and answer his questions. Probably going to come up again, but his questions will change more as he grows.

    D gets it and even T knows the drill. He says N died in my tummy at 30 weeks. He couldn't breathe. He's in heaven. It's weird to hear that out loud from my own son, but it's the simple truth of what happened. Melts my heart when they remember him. I hope they always do.

    Thinking of you tonight:) Cheers on that beverage! Oh, how I'll never refuse an open bar.


  • As you said death is a "natural" part of life. What you experienced isn't the "natural" part of life. Your sweet Scott is gone far too soon. It makes sense to me that you struggle to address this topic at all, especially with C. I admire your strength in a very difficult situation. I hope your conversation with C went the way you had hoped it would and you're feeling a little more peace with it. You definitely deserve that drink. Or two.

  • My heart is with you.  In my work I've always told parents, when kids are old enough to ask, they're old enough to have an answer.  Taking my own advice as a parent has been difficult- like you I wanted them to hear the story and the answers through me and although sometimes I worry they know too much, they also know nothing else so for them it's as normal as sliced bread and I see no worry on their faces when they talk about death- it's a curiosity met with the same interest as a new bug they find.

    Update when you can, I'm thinking of you, I hope it was a strong drink and I'm confident knowing you and the amazing love you have for your boys that the right words found you when you needed them.