Living my new normal

more change

  • It sounds like his retiring will be a big loss to you and the community.  He sounds like a wonderful man. It's very nice that you were able to read a line for him during the prayer.  I'm sure it meant a lot to him and to you.



  • I'm very sorry that a man who has been there for your family for so long is retiring. I know that you (like me) have struggled with your faith since losing Scott and this is indeed another struggle in that department. I hope that this person will still be available to you even though he is no longer as active in the church. Sending you guys lots of strength as you deal with yet another loss.


  • Sounds like a very special service.  I'm sure that he'll still be there to support you even though his title at church as changed.  My pastor retired several years ago and it was much the same situation.....we've never lost touch and he's still a big part of my family now.  Hugs as you welcome your new minister to your family as well.