Living my new normal

The mind is an interesting thing..

  • I hope everything is okay with your thyroid.  I can only imagine how nasty those flashbacks must have been.  Many hugs to you!


  • Oh Nikki, I'm sorry. Reliving those moments are downright awful. I'm sorry that you found yourself in that situation with the ultrasound. And I can only imagine what milestones such as kindergarten must feel like for you. Big hugs!

    I hope all is well with your thyroid. Sending good vibes for you.



  • I am sending you hugs Nicki! Every year is hard, but the should have been milestones are so difficult. I remember thinking the exact thing when it was our angel's time for Kinder enrollment and I had the others doing online. I never carried any of mine to term and was nearing the end of our timeline. I was so close to realizing one of my greatest dreams. It still hurts to have it ripped away like that. The helplessness is painful. I hope that you take it easy as this school year brings up a lot. Hoping the thyroid is okay. I am sorry for the flashbacks.

    Did U2 already visit you? They are coming to Phx soon:)

    More hugs,


  • All the "what ifs" can be so haunting.

    Being anywhere near a sonogram machine is hard for me too.  So many emotions tied to it all.

    I hope everything is ok with your thyroid.



  • I'm so sorry for the loss of your Scott. I understand that feeling of being tricked by the universe and my heart goes out to you. I'll be thinking of you and sending good wishes

  • Hi Nikki, hope the thyroid issues resolve. I can imagine the anxiety you felt as you were reliving that last sonogram.

    The milestones with our angels are indeed difficult. My two would have been in fifth grade this year.

    Hugs and love.