Living my new normal

The "Funk"

  • Oh gosh, huge hugs to you!  I'm sorry you're falling into the funk again, especially those first days when back in the funk make it so hard to get through your days in one piece.  I hope that C's return to school isn't too tough on your heart.  Is there anything you could do to keep yourself busy while he's gone?  Like a new hobby or something to fill that space of the should have beens?  Many hugs to you!


  • So So sorry that the funk has returned. There is nothing worse than getting stuck in the funk. I know that in two years when Keira leaves me to go to school it is going to be very difficult for me as well. When you've been primarily a stay at home mom for so long its hard to try and re-define who you are or what you want to be after that. Especially when who you are has changed so dramatically. I hope that you know that we are all here for you and hopefully after SU you will feel like you are in a different place. Sending you lots of hugs.


  • That was me....still working on the spray!!  I'm so sorry that those UGH feelings are swarming around you.  It's tough to get past those feelings when they're swallowing you up.  Sending hugs to you and I'll definately let you know when the spray is ready.