Living my new normal

The Red Wagon

  • I'm hopeful that this time away at a different beach location will bring you some calm. There is that special something about the ocean. I know it's hard and the memories are flooding in. A few months after losing N, we went to the beach. I wore black. I'm sure people thought I was crazy as I wasn't dressed in usual beach attire, but I was comfy. We've visited several times since then and it's still a special spot. I hope that you can make new memories with C and the red wagon.



  • Thinking of you hun. I know heartache of memories. Lots and lots of hugs.


  • You won't go back to that dark place. You pulled out of it when it was at its worst, when that mood strikes (and we all know it will) you'll emerge again. Sad and strong, like we have to be every day despite whatever else may be going on in life.

    I'm with Lindsay - the sea is a healing place and I hope you can make some happy new memories with that red wagon.



  • I agree with Shannon that you won't go back to that dark place and even if you do go near it, you'll never get sucked in to the point that you can't get out.  You're entitled to your sadness, you're melancholy as you face this week away.  You can't help but wish that you were packing for both C and S.  It sucks that you aren't.

    But you're going and you'll have fun even if you do have moments of sadness.  That's what life is all about, the mingling of joy and sadness and sunshine and shadows.

    Enjoy the beach, enjoy your family and sure, cry a little when you think about what you're missing.

    So much love to you,


  • Sounds nice to be able to get away at a beach house. I'm sure you will be able to make new memories while also thinking of Scott but not go to that point as you were 3 years ago. Hope you have a nice vacation!