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The Spiderman family

  • I tell Jadons teachers every year privately that He does have a sister that passed and if the topics of siblings come up he may say he has a sister in heaven and I dont want them to be caught off guard!  I love that you all are spiderman!  So cute!  


  • Too cute!!  I'm jealous of your web shooting abilities.  I think I could use that to pick up things around here!!  He sounds like he's got things covered when it comes to family.  I did the same thing with school when my daughter started school.  I just told her teachers that she's likely to mention it and it's okay.  They were super understanding so we're about to start 5th grade where she explains things much better than pre-k.


  • That is too cute, the spiderman family!!  Such a little boy thing to say!  I love that he found his own way to answer the questions about his family.  Hugs!


  • So sweet. Like Samantha we speak to each one of the girls teachers each year and let them know that yes they do have another sister who died. Even Keira who came after her sister talks of her often and tells stories of her. Children are truly amazing. Hugs to you Mrs. Spiderman!


  • I love this - kids are so amazing!  I worry how I will get Lucia to understand about her brother Marco without confusing her - but I know that she will understand it in time.