Living my new normal

things that just bug me now...

  • I completely understand. I still get emails from parenting magazine updating me on my daughters age. Its been nearly 5 years and even though those emails always shoot a pain right thru me I just can't bare to bring myself to remove myself from their mailing list.

    All of those seemingly "normal" things and we just can't do them. No matter what we do there's always something missing, someone missing. I still don't know how to answer the question of how many children I have. I just kind of answer depending on the who, what, when and where. I wish things would get easier but they just never seem to. They pain is always there lurking beneath the surface. Hugs to you after your rough day.


  • I am so sorry you had a ruff day. Grief can be so very cruel & that pain seems to be hiding under the surface of everything at times. There use to be a time I didn't know how to answer people when they would ask how many children I had. After a short time I didn't care what anyones reaction was I quickly answered I have five children three live with me & two live in heaven. For me saying this out loud helped. Some of the looks people have given me are pretty out there but to be that doesn't matter. Hoping you have a peaceful day.

        Naul's mom

  • I totally get it!!  The decals for the car windows have bothered me more times than not lately.  Maybe you could start with the companies who are sending you things to just remove you from the mailing list and pass the information along to anyone that they share with.  I know it's tough, but unfortunately we have to to not have tons of reminders coming in our mailbox.



  • I so understand this!  I kind of despise the family decals on cars too.  Although, I have wondered if they make them for figures with halos . . . that would make people look twice I guess.  When I could gather up enough courage to head outside in public, I noticed families of 5 everywhere, and especially when there were three little boys looking like steps so close in age.  I had one of those big brother shirts ready to go too.  I put my second son in it just once and then packed it away.

    I was signed up for a diaper brand thingy and I had e-mailed them to take me off of their e-mailling list.  It became too painful.  The formula coupons were awful too, but I was able to pass them along to another mom friend and she was really appreciative.  

    Big hugs to you as you encounter more unsettling e-mails and mail in general.  About a year after our loss, our negligent OB sent me "My office is moving" mailer.  I burned it:)