Living my new normal

Today he would have been 1

  • Huge hugs to you this week. I know it is unbearably hard. I also want to say that your support system is so wonderful. It is so nice to hear about family and friends surrounding you like that. It's wonderful. I'll be thinking about you as you get through the next two dates.



  • I will be keeping you and Scott and your family in my thoughts this month. I like that you plan a family activity to honor your sweet little boy on his birthday.  I am so glad that you have a strong support system to surround you with love.



  • Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers this week!  June is a difficult month for me too.  It's tough to approach such special days when the guest of honor is not with us.  

    Hugs to you!


  • Oh I love that quote!!  Thank you so much for sharing.  I'm sending sweet birthday wishes for your little Scott.  What beautiful things you did today- I think some very wonderful traditions have been started.  

    I too will be keeping you close in my thoughts this week, and I am sorry that today or tomorrow Share will be "read only" while we transition to the updated site- but know everyone will be available on Facebook (shareyourstory) and random... you're in DC?  Did you know that we're having a Share Union Weekend there at the end of September, where we all get together at a March of Dimes conference?  I hope to meet you there! :)  There will be more info coming in the next month.  

    Sweet heavenly birthday wishes to Scott today, and keeping you in my thoughts,


  • Thanks for all your kind messages. I was excited to see its in dc since I live in the suburbs between dc and Baltimore.

    I am one of those "people" not on Facebook ;p I guess I will have to write in word and copy and paste when it is back up and running.  Thanks again I feel like I already know some of you even though we've never met