Living my new normal

train table

  • Woo hoo!!!!! Way to go Colin!

    I looked back at the pictures I took at the walk. Charlie is being her annoying toddler self and Colin kindly put up with it. Colin is such a sweet kid. Love that little boy.

    Isn't it strange how inanimate objects take on meaning? I'm glad you are getting rid of the reminder.

    I'm thinking of you as June approaches.



  • Wow. You have had some very busy days lately. I hope having C's birthday party yesterday helped to alleviate some of the anxiety and stress that the month of June brings. I will be thinking of you over the next few weeks and am here if you need me. Sending hugs.


  • Yay for a great walk and a great way to celebrate the lives that we remember....  A train table sounds fun!  I'm sure he'll enjoy it!  Bummer on having to make up so many days!  You're in my thoughts as "that day" approaches.  



  • That is awesome that Colin was able to raise so much money for March for Babies! Way to go! Hope he had a great birthday party and that having it early helps with your stress! We lost Sean one week before Christmas and that definitely has given me a struggle to enjoy it as I used to. Thinking of you!  I love reorganization projects. I'm sure the new room set up turned out great!