Living my new normal


  • Huge hugs to you!  Those triggers are so hard, especially when they catch you off guard.  I'm so sorry that you won't be able to split them up between the two boys, it's the simple things that hurt the most sometimes.


  • Ohhh I know the feeling of "trigger" especially this week!  sending you a million and one hugs!


  • I really hate days like you are describing. It seems like the more time that passes the harder those rough days get too. They seem to sneak out of the blue sometimes and just knock you straight off of your feet. I really can't wait to hug you in person at Share Union and let you know that you truly are not alone on those seemingly impossible days.



  • It's little moments like that that remind us that the loss of a baby is really the loss of so many things.  The losses seem endless at times - and that can be a really overwhelming and just sad realization to think about.  

    Hugs hugs to you,