Living my new normal

trying something new

  • I am loving that you are making time for yourself a priority. With school choice, sometimes it's even harder to get that alone time. I love that you are waking up early and becoming that morning person:) I've got a few goals I'm trying to make good on this year too. I understand that hesitancy to allow yourself to be positive or to plan for future. I feel like I do that too, but it feels so good when there are those moments of feeling relaxed and more positive. I have to remember that it can be like that more often, but only if I choose it. Like you said, small steps, but very possible.

    Yeah, those darn curve balls! Big HUGS!


  • Congrats on getting up early....I'm usually at my desk by the time the sun gets up ;) I wish I could keep that going on the weekends too, I know I could accomplish so much if I would get up on Saturday even by 7, whereas I'm up during the week at 5..but somehow the bed is too inviting! I'm glad you are allowing yourself " me time" and happiness.

    Love and Hugs


  • New Year new goals!  Me time is so important I think I need to focus on that myself too!  Hugs dear friend!


  • Nicole, it's great to hear that you're putting yourself at the top of list and making you a priority. You deserve every happiness. I can't truly understand how the loss of  Scott has changed you but I'm grateful that you're finding peace within yourself to then find peace around you. And remember small steps are still steps of progress. And certainly doesn't mean that you miss Scott any less.

    We have just started mindfulness activities with Rachel as part of her therapy. Kirk and I can already see how beneficial this can be for us too as we can easily be pulled into her world.

    Hugs to you,


  • All of this is so healthy and admirable -- and a great reminder for all of us here! I'm just learning to make more time for mindfulness/meditation/yoga and how much difference they can make in the aftermath of trauma. Thanks for sharing!