Living my new normal

unexpected reminders

  • So very true... We took the boys to do the Polar Express last night. It was wonderful and everything everyone said it would be. Just a few seats away, a family with 3 boys all wearing glasses. They were just years apart in age like stepping stones. I pointed it out to hubby and he had noticed it too. Big sigh and fought back the tears. I had on my special necklace and he wore his angel bracelet. We were as together as we could be. I hope that your hubby isn't away for too much longer. These moments are difficult.

    Huge hugs to you,


  • Yes, even small things like this knock us back. I don't think that wistfulness will ever fade.

    many hugs to you.


  • I think when Jerry is out of town that is when the emotions hit me the worst. Probably because I am already upset and out of sorts since he is gone. A few years ago I posted on here about maybe the grief was getting harder, at the time it certainly felt that way. Another Share mama pointed out that we have so many more "good" days now that when those moments do strike they sweep us right off of our feet. That is so so true. Sending you lots of extra hugs tonight.