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We Walk for Scott

  • Thank you for sharing Scott with us. Thank you for everything you do for the March of Dimes. We are making a difference and someday when Colin, and my children are grown maybe this won't be their reality as parents.

    Go Team Popcorn!


  • Thanks for all that you and your family do at March for Babies!!!

    Love and Hugs


  • Thank you for everything you do for March For Babies!  I love your heart and passion for the mission!

    Much Love


  • I'm so glad that you found March of Dimes and the Share site. I love Colin's nickname for Scott and truly special that you have it as your family team name. I have to say that when I'm making popcorn as I often do, I think of you all a lot! Thank you for sharing your boys with us, for all that you do in Scott's memory, and for your continuous support of the March of Dimes mission.

    Love and hugs,


  • Way to go Team Popcorn! I love that you are doing such honorable things in Scott's memory ... with Colin leading the way. You are an amazing family, and I am blessed to know you.