Living my new normal

What matters

  • This is one of the most beautiful posts I've ever read on Share. These are the people worthy of Scott's story-all his aunties who clearly have love for you and him.  Thank you for reminder of what and who really matter.  I think our angels smile their biggest smiles when we face the sunshine.

    With love,


  • Nicki,

    I am so sorry that this year, you have had to deal with so much on top of the normal stress and pain that June brings. I can't imagine the weight you must have been feeling. As you know, Jer and I have also had some very difficult and strained relationships with several members of his (and my own) family. In the past 3 years we have pretty much severed all ties with them some of them and even though it was incredibly difficult and did add strain on some other relationships within the family, we are much happier and our marriage is even healthier. Maybe you and Mike can discuss the pro's and con's of just cutting ties with them completely. In the long run, it may be best and easiest.

    I think it was Lauren who once made a post about how "grief re-writes your address book". No single phrase has ever been so true. I am keeping you and M and C in my thoughts and sending you all lots of hugs. Please reach out if you need anything at all.


  • I am glad to read that you are getting to that special place. It isn't easy and there could be more scuffles and awkward conversations down the road, but it's on them. Stay focused on those healthy relationships. Yay for focusing on what matters most to you! Cheers, I'll drink to that! You're such a good mommy and friend:)

    Big HUGS,


  • Nicki

    You and Scott have been in my thoughts this month.  I am so sorry for the toxicity you have faced from family members.  I am glad you are focusing on the people who matter, and letting go of those who don't.



  • I really Love you!   I know June is a difficult time for you and I cant begin to image the added stress of everything else.  But glad you are fucusing on those who truely matter and make a difference in a positive way.  Many many hugs.


  • I'm happy that you're at a place where you can focus on who and what matters, it's great that you have friends that accepts you for who you are and would listen even if it's 3years after.  Better days are ahead and I hope June turns out to better than expected.