Living my new normal

Why We Walk

  • Go team Popcorn!  You guys are doing so much for others in Scott's memory.  What a beautiful way to honor your son.  I hope you have a wonderful and meaningful walk!  


  • Thank you.  Thank you for sharing Scott with us.  Thank you for honoring him and celebrating him by raising money so no other family ever has to suffer as your family has suffered.  Thank you for bringing awareness to infant mortality, for talking about Scott and for helping so many even as you grieve your sweet boy.

    So much love to you,


  • What a beautiful way to turn your sadness and missing Scott, which I'm sure is immeasurable, into celebrating his short life. Thank you for sharing your story, with us and with the world.

    Go Team Popcorn!


  • I love the way that you are honoring your angel Scott. Thank you for sharing your story and all that you bring to the March of Dimes and Share site:) Your pictures are so precious. That one there with brothers holding hands truly melts my heart. Keep on poppin' Team Popcorn!

    Sending hugs and love,


  • Thank you for sharing your story! Go team popcorn! I love how the walk brings the whole family together in honor of Scott!