Living my new normal

wishful thinking

  • Oh. I am so sorry. I too have those little moments, when I remember that I'm suppose to have two little girls instead of only one.

    Love and Hugs


  • I'm so sorry!  Our minds can be brutal. :(

  • It's amazing how tough our minds can be, isn't it?  Your mind it still fighting to accept that Scott is really gone.  It's so very wrong that he's gone and your mind, your heart don't want to believe something so awful can possible be true.

    So much love to you,


  • I'm so sorry. I do wish that Scott was there with you and C. Thinking about you.


  • I am so sorry! Oh  those moments! I call them the glimpses of the "what could have been". I read somewhere that as a parents of  an angel we never stop grieving, because we grieve each stage of life our angels could had, baby, toddler, etc.  After 13 years I still have those glimpses. The other day I had to pull over  to cry by myself, after realizing  that I should  be planning a teenager  birthday party, and imagining all the details of it, and even her dress.