Living my new normal


  • Oh no....!!!!  That's always my luck too!  The person that I want to stay the farthest from is always closest.  I hope that your new location in the classroom with help.  


  • I'm glad to hear that yoga brings you such peace and the time to focus on you. i'm sorry about the pregnant woman setting up shop, though, close to you and hubby. i completely understand. I think it's awesome that your husband has "awakened" in the male sense and understands just how hard it is for us angel moms to be so close -- yet so far away -- from what we once had.


  • I am sorry that this pregnant woman has invaded your comfort zone. I know that many of the loss moms on Share look at other pregnant women and share your feelings I look at each of them and see a ticking time bomb. I just want to shake the bliss away and tell them that they are crazy for thinking that its all sunshine and unicorns. Because as well all know it isn't. I expect every pregnancy to end dramatically and with a funeral. I can't help it. Oh how our views change after our losses. I hope your corner spot works out next week and you can get back to a place where you can enjoy the memories of your precious baby boy. Sending you lots and lots of strength.


  • Yoga has been so wonderful for me since losing Marco as well, and it is also a place where I really do allow myself to think about him.  I know how painful it must have been to see that pregnant woman in your class - especially since it's your safe place and a place where you would have not expected to see her.  

    When I was pregnant with my rainbow baby, Lucia, I wanted to continue taking yoga, but couldn't take the hot yoga I normally take.  I switched to a different studio, but could not take the pre-natal classes - it was too hard for me to be around other pregnant women, even though I too was pregnant.  I couldn't handle being that closely surrounded by that many blissfully pregnant women.  Too hard, too much.

    Hoping that next week is better in yoga and that if that pregnant woman is there, that she is far away from you!