Living my new normal

you just never know when the tears will come...

  • Oh Nicole. I have totally been in this same position. This past year we learned that Alexia my middle daughter has ADD. It was a really hard blow for me. I told my husband that she was supposed to be the perfect one. The one who was born at 40 weeks with no complications. She was supposed to be "normal". It really set me back too. I will be thinking of you on Friday as you meet with the teacher and I'll also be waiting for an update.

    I still love C's choice of a nutcracker. I can't wait to see the finished product!


  • Nicole,

    When you've had the rug pulled out from under you it's hard to ever really feel like you're walking on solid ground.  I understand how a comment like that could shatter a day.  I'm keeping you in my thoughts- and if tears need to be had Friday.. let 'em be.  I'm right there with you... yeeeeeh 4 years old... the things our kids are asked to do! :)


  • Sending lots of love your way.  You certainly haven't lost it!  Lots of positive thoughts to you for Friday.  And even if you cry in that meeting - it is OK! :)



  • thanks for you comments I think it's exactly like Jami said the one child you have that was born 40 wks is suppose to be the "normal" one and the "perfect" one.  You shouldn't have to go through anything negative with that child...You comments helped me and made me realize once again I'm not crazy and that there are moms out there who get it.  Wish there wasn't but yet glad their is.