Ethan & Casey's mom

Another Year Has Passed ... No. 12

  • Sending so much love to you this week! I am thinking about you and your boys. I'm so right there with you.

    More hugs,


  • Sending you a huge virtual hug, Erin! Thank you for always allowing us to hold your hand through this journey <3

  • It is incredible how much these anniversaries affect us, especially when its very subconscious. I hope that you got your moment to curl up and just be. Sending you so much love.



  • As the years pass by, I've decided that I'll never work on 02.07, then, we've added 31.12 and finally 07.03. 19. From my experience, yes I can say the pain never ends. These days the same questions come over and over again. The what if and specially the how.

    Hugs to you