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    Happy 10th Birthday to Donovyn!  Love all of these great pictures of your boys!



  • Happy Birthday to Donovyn!! And If I am not wrong Happy Belated Birthday to you too, I hope you had a wonderful Birthday! Look at that cute blond little head! Hahaha you made me laugh with the switched at birth comment (Ah yes I also watched that one on Netflix)  What incredible stories of courage, love, fear, sadness all we can tell here,  but lets that theme go for another entry, so just wishing you and Donovyn the best Birthday ever, full of blessings and happiness each day of this new year,



  • Ah yes and I loved the pics, thanks for sharing them with us, and in the last pic D & T look like twins!

  • Happy Birthday Donovyn!  So much love in your words Lindsey, for all three of your beautiful and amazing boys.



  • Thanks for sharing his birth story. Your boys are adorable! Look at those smiles! You have been through a lot in the last ten years. I am so impressed with how well you hold it all together. Thank goodness for awesome doctors, nurses and mommas like you to keep these babies growing and happy. Miss you friend!


  • Happy birthday to Donovyn and thank you for sharing your story! Sounds like he is a great big brother and fighter!