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6th Month Anniversary

  • Your pics are precious and show how much this little boy was and is loved!!  As you remember that day, I hope that you're also able to smile at the things that he's doing in Heaven now.  It helps me to think of my Taylor in Heaven and what that personality would be like with all the other babies there.....  Thinking of you!


  • What a sweetheart.  So sweet that you have pictures kissing him.  It is amazing how some stories, some pictures find us on the right days.  I have no doubt our angel has a hand in leading us to those moments.

    Take good care today,


  • Aww the pictures are lovely,your angel is beautiful...i wish i had a pic of myself with my ashley...i too had pre eclampsia,and i constantly look back and wish i could change mums we are bound to...your angel knows how much you love him though,he will always be with thoughts are with you today...hugs..chantelle..

  • I am so sorry for all you've been through.

    I always wonder if I had done things different...that perhaps labor could have been stopped and my boy would have survived. I think that's what we do as moms.

    Your son is beautiful. Precious. I'm so glad you have those pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.


  • Your precious angel is beautiful.  I am so sorry he left this life so soon to grow wings.  

    Thinking of you...


  • Thanks you guys.  I remember feeling so happy and so sad at the same time.  It was so strange.  I was proud of him and excited to see him.  And then that realization that he is gone and I wouldn't see him look at me really hit home within seconds.  I'm happy to have some photos taken shortly after delivery.  I will definitely cherish these photos for as long as I live.  Hugs to all of the angel mommies out there.  This is so hard.