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  • Wow, she really did do a good job!  It looks like he put his own little hand right there on the plate!  I'm so glad that you were able to find someone with such skill to do this special project for you.  I wish you all the luck in losing weight, getting healthy and then on your decision for getting a tube reversal or not.  Sounds like you're already making great progress!


  • Hi Lindsay,

    What a beautiful project -- and so realistic. I agree with Stacy -- it looks like Naethyn placed his hand there himself.

    I wish you luck in the weight loss goal and in trying again. Keep us posted.


  • Wow that's a great job. Im really happy for you on getting your babys print good luck to you

  • Love the handprint! Jay and Morgan's mean so much to me too.

    I am so sorry for your tears, but I know they are shed because of missing your sweet Naethyn so much.

    Good luck with working out! :)


  • That is so precious, thank you for sharing that with us.


  • I'm glad Naethyn's handprints came out so well for you.  I'm sure it is really bittersweet- seeing his beautiful hands are proof that he is real.. he was here and he is loved.. I'm so sorry that you're not able to hold those precious hands and kiss those beautiful fingers.  I think of you guys often- I'll be praying for your weight loss... I know it's a daily battle.

             ~ Julie