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  • That's so cool that you found a job that sounds like it's going to work out so well with!  I think it will be good for you to get out of the house (even if it's to work with more kids). A change of scenery can do the body good!! -- And I'm sure the $$ will help too!  

    I was wondering how Donnavan was doing with Kinder cause I remember you saying something about a trial period.  I'm glad to see it's working out.  

    Let me know how things are going :) Keep that chin up high girl!  

                               *Hugs from NC*


  • Congratulations!  It's those memories that come flooding back totally out of left field that are the hardest to deal with sometimes!  You get used to seeing the newborns and pregnant women, but it's the random things that are the worst!  Can't wait to hear how your first day goes!


  • Wow- that all works out great!  especially since you can bring Tristyn, and hubby is right across from you  :).  I worked near my husband for a couple years, and we both loved it!!!

    sorry to hear about the memories flooding in at not such a great time....glad to hear the other teachers were understanding and helped though.

    good luck on your first day, can't wait to hear about it!


  • Lindsay:

    That is great!!! It seems it came in the right moment and you can take your little one with you, plus the money..... hope you can squeeze them for more..... nothing better than keeping busy, you would do great, you are an awesome person. Yes sometimes memories flow back, now and then, but I am sure you will be ok. Big hug and wishing you the best.

    Saludos a tu hermosa familia.


  • Congrats on the new job! And how wonderful you can have your lil one with you, with daddy so close. :)

    I know what you mean about your brick falling out of your pocket...has happened to me more than once at school. It just gets too much to bear sometimes and the tears flow out of control. I am so sorry you had that experience.

    Hoping that your transition back goes smoothly. I know how hard it can be to get back into it.



  • Congratulations Lindsay on just everything.  It sounds like all the stars, planets and moons were lined up perfectly!  I really cant think of a better segway back to work.  Like Kami, I hope the transition goes soothly.

    Take good care,


  • Soo... Lindsay! How's the work prep going? Are you excited yet? I can't wait to hear all about it soon!! :)