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  • Ugh Lindsay, huge hugs!  Of all times, why does a newbie have to pop up right at that exact moment?  I think any loss momma would have broken down right then too.  I'm glad that you're all loving the car though!  Thinking of you.


  • Awe big hug to you momma. I hate it when those moments happen when you least want them to. I am so happy for you guys and the new car. I am sure that the boys love it! Sorry none of this is making you feel better, is SU here yet so we can all give real hugs yet? Ugh! Thinking of you my dear friend.


  • Lindsay,

    I'm so sorry I missed your last post marking Naethyn's angelversary.  Know that I am thinking of you and sending you a big, virtual hug!

    I'm sorry about having so see the newborn at the car dealership :(  I know it hurts.  

    How sweet of D to look up to wish Naethyn a happy birthday.  I know I would have starting crying at that too.

    Much love,