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A NEW YEAR - 2013

  • Oh Lindsay I'm so sorry the reversal is beginning to slip away from you guys. I was so hoping that you would be able to achieve this dream after you had worked so hard for it. There is just nothing else left for me to say other than I am sorry.

    When I was going to school I was able to work at a group home setting for children with a wide range of disabilities. We had to go round and round with the school system at times to adjust their IEP's and it often seemed the kids had to get worse in order to get a one on one (something we knew they desperately needed) before the school system wanted to provide them with one. If by one of "those" parents you mean a darn good one then you hit the nail on the head! Many of the kids I had didn't have anyone to advocate for them other than the staff who worked their so hearing about parents who are harassing the school relentlessly is music to my ears. Harass away! Lol. I will be keeping all of you guys in my thoughts as the boys start back this week and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth transitions.

    My nephew has autism and I wish my sister was half as dedicated as you. :)


  • The boys are too cute in the their new jammies!  I'm assuming that's the "correct" Angry Bird!  LOL!!

    "That parent" is needed when it comes to getting the services that are needed.  Do your thing girl!!

    Hugs as you start the second semester!


  • That yard sale sounds rough :( I can understand wanting the stuff to go, but it's too bad we can't just magically make that stuff disapear.

    I agree with Tracy, don't feel badly about being 'that' parent :) If it's what you have to do to get results, then there you go.

    That sucks so much about the reversal, especially after you had made all those plans :( I hope a window is opening somewhere for you

    Erin P 3

  • Lindsay -

    It must have been really tough to get rid of all your baby stuff.  I'm so sorry that the reversal situation didn't turn out differently for you.

    It's great to hear that T had a good break and is doing well.  I love seeing his sweet smile in that picture - and of course D is so handsome with his smile as well :)

    You're a wonderful momma who wants the best for her boys!



  • Oh gosh, that must have been so tough for you to sell all of that stuff even if you felt somewhat ready for it.  But also maybe a relief to get it away too.  Praying that you find a way that leaves you feeling fulfilled or that you are able to come to peace with the should have beens.  

    So glad on the progress with Mr. T!  It's ok to be that parent when you need to and they're dropping the ball!  Hoping that 2013 is filled with nothing but joy for your family!