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  • That is def a big step...I just kept the door closed to Barons room until I had to deal with it, which was 7/8 months into my rainbow. His room was not 100 percent ready but what I had I can't get rid off. His clothes/bed set are all placed in a box :(.

    I also know the talk... and the true reality of trying again. It's a hard talk to have and it's hard to face my reality which is... It's just too dangerous....too many unknows. I wish everyone could have a guarantee. I hope that you are able to make find a "solution" that works best for your family.

    On a side note/FYI I took your advice and sold Heather, you were right so much better than starting her on fire lol :)

  • That is a huge step. I am always amazed by you!


  • I hope that this step will be a healing one for you and the boys. Sometimes it's hard to know how to feel, but I think that's okay. We ascribe so much significance to what we have left of those we lost that sometimes it's hard to know how to process it all. Sending you big hugs.


  • Oh sorry I post in other entry of your blog and I don't recall which sorry, it was a big one.... great on the weight loss.....and so envious of you going to SU I will going to miss you... (you know you were the first person I had a long  conversation with last SU, it was so nice meeting you.....)

    Big hug


  • This is a huge step- i'm wondering how you feel about it now that some time has passed.  I've found that the anticipation of these moments is worse than the actual moment itself.   I still have many items of Liam's around the house....i'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I still have some breastmilk stored in my freezer.  I swear i'm not crazy, and I realize logically these items need to go in the trash, but i'm not sure i can physically do this yet.  It's been so long now that i wonder if I am just being lazy about it....i think one of these days i'll get around to throwing it out and probably laugh at myself for keeping it so long???  big sigh.

    oh well, we don't have a road map right...this is difficult stuff.

    Congrats on taking that step- there's always the opportunity to move the boys back in together :)

    I hope you and your DH are able to figure things out- why can't something be easy for us??? :)

    i look forward to meeting you at SU!!