Lindsay's Latest


  • Poor little guy!  It shouldn't be like that!!  He's got a good momma to stick up for him when nobody else wants to.

    Yay for a good eval!!!  Fingers crossed for "distinguished"!


  • Praying for distinguished!!!

    Hooray for FUN swim lessons!!(I don't know how to swim)

    I'm glad you found an advocate that fits your needs, keep us updated!

    Love and hugs,


  • You are such a strong advocate and wonderful mommy.  I hope that the IEP meeting goes well and that you don't have to fight to hard to get the services.

    Swim lessons sound great, and I hope the boys enjoy it!

    Congrats on your good eval :)



  • Hey Lindsay,

    I hope your meeting goes well and will be praying you get what is deserved!

    A Brilliant mind is hard to contain I am sure there are great things in store for Tristyn.

    I hope you get your Distinguished for your review!!

    Many Blessings,