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Angels in Kinder

  • Oh Lindsay, I'm sure it's a tough time with all the kindergarteners starting school, given that this is the year Naethyn would have started. I remember the leader of the support group I have gone to since losing Marco (she had a full term stillborn 17 years ago) would always point out that she the day her son should have got on the school bus to start kindergarten was a really hard day for her.

    I'm glad to hear that you all are having a great summer! Also glad to hear that the D and T have found a way of learning in online classes that really work for them!

    Love the pic :)

    Lots of love,


  • Looks like you are having a nice summer.  My husband would have also enjoyed the starwars night at the ball game as well.  Life sure likes to throw curve balls at us I too had everything planned out for how life was going to work...if only things would go as we plan them in our head.  I have seen advertisements on Tv about online schooling and have wondered about it.  I'm glad that it seems to be a good choice for your children and they are benefiting from it.  As a teacher myself I have wondered if they hire teachers to teach online or how does it work?  

  • The year Akeelah would have started have my pause as well.  It's such an iconic time.  So special that you have found a routine that works for everyone- sounds like the upcoming year things will fall I to a groove even more.  I can't believe how old all three boys are getting!!



  • Lindsay the year Trinity *should* have started school was one of the hardest school years start I have had.  Sending you many many hugs to you as this school year approaches.  Happy to hear the boys are doing good!  LOVE the pic love the star wars theme!!!!  


  • Hi Lindsay ... I know what you mean about those milestones and how they bring you back to reality. Ethan and Casey would be in second grade this year. Sounds like you guys are having a wonderful summer filled with lots of great activities. I'm happy to hear that schooling is going well. I'm sure the one-on-one teaching  has helped them learn more than they might have in a bricks and mortar school. Keep up the great work!

    Looking forward to seeing you in a few months. I sure hope it's not that hot in September! :)


  • Oh Praise the Lord that the temp will at least be down to 110 by SU time!!!  LOL!!!

    Sounds like the summer has been super fun for the boys and that things are lining up well for their school year.  I always hate the start of school for similar reasons that you mentioned with your "plan".  I planned to have 2 starting and always wonder how she'd react to the new grade level, the school supplies, the friends in her class.  (SIGH......)  

    Hugs for you!!


  • I'm so happy that online school is going well for D and T, and for you too. Congrats on honor roll!  I'm so sorry that it can't be what you imagined, with Naethyn and his big brothers all together. .  

    It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun this summer!  My boys love Star Wars too.



    (P.S. You can let T know that he's not the only one who thinks the idea of the tooth fairy is a little scary!)

  • I know just how you are feeling. This is also the year that Arianna would have started Kindergarten also. I don't know how I am going to feel on the first day of school. I imagine probably pretty emotional. I am so glad the boys had such a great time. That is an awesome picture. lol