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  • I know what you mean by time flying by one moment and then not so much at other moments. Earlier I was talking with a friend from high school about this. we talked about how her two years feel like it happened just yesterday. I remember the day my daughter died, but time I don't know where it has gone. Even though 60 minutes equals an hour and 24 hours equals a day. Time is the same no matter what.

    I am glad to hear that T is doing well and has good spirits. Your new family member is super cute. Good luck with your kitty adventures.  

  • I love black cats! And its pretty awesome you picked him because black cats and dogs are very often overlooked at shelters over other more colorful ones! Cats are amazing pets for kids as they don't need a ridiculous amount of attention and usually don't leave crazy messes. They are also very intuitive creatures. My childhood cat Smokey disliked mostly everyone except me, and would always cuddle with me when I was sad. I'm glad the boys are happy with him and that you are so happy with the homeschool decision you made. Very disheartening to know that his school wouldn't make adjustments for him but he is better off now and I'm sure it makes your life so much easier!

    Love and Hugs


  • Hugs and Love to you!  I love you new addition to the Family!  I think of you and your family often.  How are those boys growing up so fast?