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  • Lindsay -

    Sounds like a good Christmas! Fun when they figure out the gift thing. Too cute.  

    I know the process is long, but you're on the right road.  Wishing you well.



  • Lindsay,

    What cute kiddos!  And i just noticed that Santa used the same Snowman wrapping paper for Bella's presents, lol :)

    Great job Donovyn!!! that's always so nice to hear that your kids are rewarded for showing respect, such an important quality!

    Sounds like your next few weeks/months are going to be quite busy, i wish you luck and the ability to stay sane as you wade through this.  i hope you'll find what you're looking for!

    Take care, i'll talk to you soon.


  • What cute little ones you have... Congrats on the award!  

    Lots of Love,


  • Lindsay-I love that he got the award! Hopefully they will get the name fixed ASAP! I hope that you are able to get an answer for Tristyn. Hugs.


  • Lindsay:

    So sorry I comment so late....somehow I missed your blog.....

    Wow you must have been so proud of Donovyn.... Glad that Santa made a big stop at your house and the kids had a blast with their presents.... I also hope that your family's visit was smooth and without unwanted hurt (hope you were able to change all your unthinkable gifts by the way).... and I truly hope you have all the answers you are searching for, I think private Drs. are more accurate, don't ask me why, but hope they are able to point you to the right way, and you are such an awesome mom for looking for the best for your kids....buena suerte y muchas bendiciones en este Año Nuevo para ti y tu familia.....