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  • Lindsay-

    While I know it wasn't a surprise to you, I imagine it's still a big word to hear and wrap your mind around.  

    You know where to find me if ya got any questions or need an interpreter... the Autism world is filled with a whole new language to learn.  We're here for ya each step of the way.

    And that is so cool about the autograph!  What a small world!!


  • Hi Lindsay,

    Hugs to your family as you deal with the diagnosis. Even if you knew it was coming, it is still hard to hear and read everything once it is final.

    Just from our opinion, nothing has helped Tucker like a Verbal Behavior ABA approach. Many doctors wanted us to use traditional ABA, we just didn't feel it with Tucker...the VBA approach has worked wonders for Tucker, and I have heard it works great for kids on the high functioning end of the spectrum as well.

    Good luck with everything!

    Sorry, I never heard of Trixter, haha, but congrats on the autograph!


  • Hey Lindsay,

    Just as the others have commented - I'm sure it was tough to hear that diagnosis, even though you were expecting it.  I can only imagine how much there is to absorb right now.  It sounds like you are doing such a great job at getting set up to get Tristyn and you what you all need to move forward with managing his condition.  One step at a time, right?

    I've never heard of Trixter, but I'm psyched for you that you met the guys wife and got his autograph!  How cool!  So glad you got to end the week on a good note :)



  • Oh Lindsay: I have no idea what all those words mean.... but at least you have an accurate diagnosis... and I am so glad you are taking actions to help Tristyn... you are such a great mom, wow even conferences... I like your attitude you don't go lamenting you look for solutions.....  and I hope that all the programs you applied are approved, so lucky to have that kind of help.....

    About that band, I have no idea who they are... never heard of them, I must google, but must be so exciting to meet them, specially if that brings so many memories back....

    Big hug


  • Any diagnosis, while bringing a bit of relief to finally have concrete answers, is hard to swallow.  I so understand that.

    I am so glad you have resources and are using them to help you help your sweet Tristyn.  He's so lucky to have such a strong, resilient mom on his side.


  • Lindsay,

    Ha ha, you are making me laugh!!  I can't say i remember Trixter, but i'll have to google it!

    I'm not sure if you are relieved that this diagnosis process is now over?? it seems that it might be a relief to now finally know one way or another??  I really hope the home visit goes smoothly, and good luck with the Jumpstart Program- you're such a great mom!

    i still have your cactus card hanging up on my wall and i always think of you when i see it! :)