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  • Wow, just wow! I'm getting ticked off reading about this. It's a giant pet peeve of mine when people don't respect my time. That was a huge issue I had with Early Intervention. Second, if I asked a therapist not to do something and she directly went against my wishes, it shows she doesn't respect my parenting choices. That would be it. That part about the peanut butter is hilarious. I laughed over the peanut butter with the Spanish comment. Obviously, this woman does not get what it's like to have a child with special needs.

    Unfortunately, finding a therapist or doctor is kind of like dating. Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you find a prince. I hope you didn't get warts from this one. :)

    This seems like it would be incredibly frustrating. Additionally, I would be angry for my wishes being dismissed. If T is anything like Charlie, the next time he does something he'll want a bag of chocolate chips.

    I don't know about feeding therapists. The last one Charlie saw over the summer traumatized. Each time Charlie walked in the building (she attends other clinics in the building) she immediately  screamed out "No eating!" We've had much better luck with OTs working on the feeding.

    I hope finding another feeding therapist goes well. I hope who ever it is turns out being a good fit for you guys. Hang in there.

    Many hugs (and soon they will be in person!),


  • Hi there. I'm sorry to hear that things have been so challenging with these therapists. I think I would have nailed the woman too for doing something that didn't align with your methods. Here's hoping that you find that prince, as Rebecca so aptly described.


  • sorry your having to go through all this.  I hope you find a therapist that "fits". Nicki

  • Lindsay,

    I am so sorry for all the frustration you are dealing with here.  I hope that you can find the right fit for you and T!