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  • Lindsay,

    I'm sorry it didn't work out with your interview.  That must be very frustrating, but it sounds like you made the right decision for you.

    Love the picture of your little cuties :)

    Hugs to you,


  • Aw, I'm sorry that the interviews didn't work out for you, but you're right...maybe the timing just stinks for now.  I'm glad that your family was able to visit for Christmas, and I'm so glad that Ansley was able to meet her great grandmothers too.  Those ladies are super special to me and I'm glad that Ansley was able to know them before they passed.  

    The bosy are super cute!!  Thanks for the pics!


  • Lindsay-

    Glad you had a good christmas- it's so much fun watching the kids open their presents, their eyes just sparkle!

    I think you're right regarding the interviews- it's just not the right time.  I'm trying to apply that same logic to my own life right now.  Things will happen when the times right :)

    Take Care,


  • Lindsay:

    So sorry the jobs were not what you expected, but maybe something better is on the way, better to wait and see. Glad you had a great christmas and your folks came with you, even your gradma, what a blessing. Love the kids' pic they look super happy and surprise, hope you had a nice and peaceful christmas.

    Big hug


    P.S. why didn´t you tell me you spoke french........

    I know your DH speaks Spanish and tu también un poco..... si que tienes muchas sorpresas....

  • Bonjour Lindsay. I hope you have a great new year. I just read your comment on my blog about the MOD piggy bank. Sorry, it took so long to rely, we we're having major Internet trouble for the month of dec. Turns out our black Friday tv deal will interfere with our wireless. Anyway I would love a piggy bank to put in her nursery. Are you sure it is not too much

    trouble? I am not fussy about the colour at all. Her room is mainly white and light pink so far, but I would really appreciate it :)