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Dates and Neighbors

  • Lindsay-Sending lots of hugs to you!

  • so candy is your go too stress reliever too!  Mine is chocolate...Hope you sold some of your treasures we did a yard sale at C's school in the fall and sold some of our stuff as well.   Than Mike and I had a date night with the money we made.  Those details we remember with our angel babies.  We found out Scott was  a Scott and not a Kate on Valentine's day.  We thought what a cool thing to do to schedule the sonogram on that day....A holiday hug sent your way!  NIcki

  • Lindsay,

    Sending a big hug to you. Remembering those blissful moments of when things were still ok in the pregnancies for our angels we lost is so bittersweet. It's nice to have those good memories...but painful too as the outcome turned out so far from how we hoped and dreamed it would...especially on those great days we remember.

    I think Dude is a perfectly acceptable name to call your neighbor :)

    Lots of love,


  • It is so hard to grasp the amount of time that has gone by :( And when the memories are so clear... Those are things that I don't think people get, unless they have lived it.

    Yuck, having things like that come up and poke you in the heart, always crappy. I totally understand about not being able to say that name, and would think you're totally justified in trying to not say it.

    Erin P