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  • You have such beautiful boys. Or is it handsome now that they are getting so big? I am glad that D had an amazing birthday, you are so right about the treat bags ending soon. I think about the same things when I make them. I am glad that you are enjoying every moment with them. I am also wishing 8 brings you all the things that you wished for as well.



  • So glad that all of you were able to enjoy D's special day. Eight is a great age!


  • Happy Birthday Donovan!  It sounds like a great day.  It's so amazing to see the picture from when he was a baby and the pictures now.


  • Wow the boys are getting big. Happy Birthday to Donovyn wishing him many blessings in his life….  Sounds like he (and Mr. T ) had a great Bday party… Look at that cute pic of him so tiny and so blond!  Sometimes it is amazing when we look at them so grow up, so healthy,  imagining that once they were so tiny, and with such a difficult beginning…

    hugs to you and your boys, is so nice to read news from your family, good ones of course…


  • Love how you threw in the wish for cleaning up his room.....good luck!!!  LOL!!  Looks like he had a great day!  Too funny that little man is catching up....think he'll pass D.??



  • Happy Birthday, Donovyn!!  Sounds like you all had a great time celebrating him...such a long way he has come from being a preemie in the NICU.  Such a handsome 8 year old!!  

    Much love!