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  • Oh no on the biting!!!  My nephew went through a biting spell and only bit Ansley!  Yeah....  We and his parents finally gave Ansley permission to punch him in the face and after one shot to the nose, he quit!!  

    I hope that the job search takes a better turn, but I understand when it's just not right, it's just not right!


  • It's so hard to find teaching jobs anywhere right now. Stupid budget cuts! It seems logical to hold out for full-time if you have to pay for day care. Otherwise, it hardly seems worth it financially.

    Good luck on your search. Are there other jobs you can do with your degree?

  • Yikes on the biting thing....bella went through a hitting phase, but no biting (yet, lol).  

    Don't you wish the perfect job would just find you- sometimes the search can be so frustrating and time consuming.

    I really hope the perfect position for you will turn up soon!