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  • HUGS HUGS HUGS.  Wish I lived closer I would hand deliever you a ton of chocolate.  Know Im only a phone call away if you ever need to chat of vent!  Hugs dear friend!


  • Thinking of you and your precious Naethyn- You guys are in my prayers!!


  • Lindsay:

    Hugs... I do not what to tell you on this issue... have you talk with other moms, about school issues in those conference you have assisted?? maybe they have more experience and good advice... I will be thinking of you today and tomorrow...


  • Wow Lindsay that is way to much for one momma to deal with all in one day. I wish I would have know a little earlier I would have sent you some chocolate.

    Knowing that your son is not getting what he needs and his school has no interest in giving him what he needs has got to be the most frustrating feeling. I am so sorry. I certainly hope that you and your family are able to come to a decision that is in everyone's best interest by next year. I am definitly here for ya.

    With your angelversary here I wish you nothing but peace today. Today was my EDD for Arianna so the day has been very somber for me as well. I sure wish I could hug you in person right now.


  • Lindsay

    I am so sorry that the school is not doing right by Mr. T.  I hope that you are able to find a better option for next year.  I will keep you and your sweet Naethyn in my thoughts today and tomorrow.


  • It is so hard to know what is the right thing to do.  But I will say that I completely understand your feelings about not wanting to leave your child in a place where you don't feel like he's wanted, appreciated.  I felt that way about O's teacher last year.  I just didn't feel like she got Olivia, she seemed stressed out by O's needs.  And I was so glad when we moved her to a different teacher this year.

    I am thinking of you and Naethyn today.  Wishing you peace.


  • Oh gosh, huge hugs Lindsay!  I'm so sorry for the huge struggle you're having with getting Mr. T the best education he could get.  It just shouldn't have to be this hard!  Tons of hugs and thinking of your sweet Naethyn!


  • I'm sorry I'm late in telling you that I've been thinking of you and Naethyn. Life should NOT be so difficult. I just don't understand why everything has to be a struggle. One thing I do know is that your boys are lucky to have you for a mom. Their struggles will be fewer because of what you are willing to take on for them.



  • I've been thinking of you the past few days.  I couldn't remember Naethyn's angelversary but knew it was around this time.  ...and after a 3 year hiatus, I signed on to share again.  I hope to see you soon, it's been too long!