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FTC Meeting

  • (Pssst.... what's an FTC mtg?)

    I'm shocked at the amount of people employed by the MOD that don't know about Share in general- it's such an amazing resource!  (Next year is probably back to DC FYI :D)

    I'm sorry that the meeting 'caused stress.  You're very right- the information is out there and being "new" on the scene is going to be an asset for the group as you know what's currently out there when perhaps they haven't searched recently.

    Thinking of you-


  • I too, am surprised by the lack of people that work for the MOD that know about Share!


  • I've had the same thing happen down here.  I made James send flyers to me about Share and I gave them too my field rep so that she could take them back to the office and Share them.  

    The only part that helps me is knowing that many of the staffers don't have a reason that would've brought them to Share like I did.

    Anyway...just be yourself!  This is a website on the web---it's free to them too!!  :  )


  • Good for you for sharing about SU. You shouldn't feel bad about talking about that with them and I am sorry you felt so awkward at the meeting. I really dislike those type of stares you described.

    I am glad that you connected with this group because it sounds like you have a good support system with some of the mommies. That is such a huge blessing.



  • Lindsay-

    That does sound pretty awkward- but look at it this way, by bringing awareness to the Share website and all the great things it has done and will do, you've exposed more people who might need this support.  Being a 'newbee', you've brought something new and exciting to a group of people that otherwise would never have known- it's really a good thing.  In time they'll get over themselves; new ideas mean change, and sometimes people have a hard time with that.


    I'll have to look into the meetings where i live- i never realized i could get involved like that.  thanks for the idea!


  • hey linds~ Can you believe all my subscriptions got deleted?! Aarrgh! I just realized it so I'm trying to search out all my blog subscriptions and re-subscribe!

    I think the problem with your group of envious women is lack of communication.  I know I was never told about this site when I was in the hospital- or while Kaitlyn was hospitalized.  I think she was almost a year old when I found it.  I think that's crazy!! What are these hospitals doing?! (besides the doctor stuff).  I made business cards to give to the special care nursery and the NICU so they can pass them out to families.  I know I wish I knew about SHARE earlier.  

    I got a group of 'retired' women making burial blankets and bonnets/hats for babies who are born too early to survive, and those now have tags with this site on them.   I think it's just such an important resource that EVERYONE should know it exists.  

    I hope your next meeting goes well.  It's frustrating sometimes going into a setting where you know no one.  Over time, it will get better :)

    I can't wait to see you at the SU-- woohoo!!!