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  • I'm sorry that you are having so many issues with your family.  And I do feel your pain through some of it.   My parents were always the parents who did everything exactly equal between my sister and I, just to make sure neither felt slighted.  My in-laws however, have always favored my SIL over my husband and it drives me nuts.  I have so much resentment for it, and my husband and I fight about it more often than we should.  He is so used to it, that he doesn't bother getting upset anymore.  I tell him that's ridiculous and he has every right to have all the things they give her.  OK... totally off on my own little tangent.  :sheepish:  

    Anyway, one other thing.... my MIL is called GiGi by my nephews.  (pronounced "gE-gE").


  • I am so sorry about your parents..It's so hard not to have help from them.  I am so sorry that your GiGi is sick....I'll be thinking of her.

    Hang in there....I bet your doing an amazint job with your little ones.


  • I'm happy to hear that your grandmother is doing better.  It's tough when they get older to know the right path to help them, but it's part of what we're here for to love them no matter what.  

    I hope that the relationship with your family will soften over time.  Distance is sometimes needed, but sometimes it gets awefully lonely that way.  Keep us posted on Gigi's health!


  • Im pleased to hear that your GiGi is feeling abit better,i hope she continues to do sorry how things are between you and your thoughts are with you...hugs..chantellex