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  • I love those pictures! So fun. :)

    Congrats on finding new jobs that are so close to your home. That is wonderful news. I am glad things are getting less complicated. You certainly deserve it!

    Take care,


  • Always love seeing updates from you!  That sounds so nice that you will both be teach at the same place and that your son's variance got approved!  Yay for less complicated!  Legoland looks like so much fun, looks like the kids had a blast!  



  • I love the pictures, all the boys have angel kissed smiles on their faces.

    I too, love to see your updates as you are never far from my thoughts.



  • I've been packing and moving too....but not for the joyous reasons that ya'll are.  Hope your transition is easier and that you love your new school!!  

    Love the pics!!  My nephews and daughter would love to go there....they're always on the legos first thing when they get together.  

    Hugs to you,


  • So happy to hear that you are finally getting some great news! Love the pictures!


  • sounds like things are working out as far as work goes for next year.  What a blessing!! I can't wait for summer vacation to start (we still have 2 weeks of school left here).

    thanks for sharing the pics of the boys.  They sure are growing up fast! I wish you could bottle up the California weather too... then you could send some to me!!

  • What cuties!  gotta love a little get-away.  So glad that some things seem to be falling in place for you- you deserve it!

    Thanks for the note about the author too, i've never heard of him- i'll have to look it up.


  • Lindsey,

    It is great when life pieces are fitting in.... and I am so glad things are working out for you and your family. Yes, I understand that feeling, that some pieces will never fit, but I have discovered, with the years, that those sad pieces were the master pieces to get you solve many things in life. Now I understand it and accept it, even though sometimes I have my sad moments thinking of them.

    As always I love to hear from you, and feel so happy for all of you doing so fine, the kids look great and so happy.

    big hug