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  • The pictures are adorable!  

    It's so strange how time can fold over on itself and one minute those days can feel so far away and in another if feels like it was just yesterday.  Its comforting and difficult to go back and forth all in the same moment.



  • Cute pictures!

    I am 8 months from Jay and Morgan's last days on Earth and in so many ways it feels like yesterday. I can only imagine that feeling never goes away, just like the love for our sweet peas doesn't either.

    I hope everything works out well with your new job.



  • Lindsay

    Kids look great! Glad they had plenty of kids. No matter how much time passes by, little things, make us think like it was yesterday.....

    Hope you have a nice new job,

    big hug


  • What cute little outfits!!!  

    Memories are triggered by some of the strangest things or dates, but know that we're thinking of you and know that those days are so difficult.


  • Oh my goodness, they are so cute!!!!!!