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  • much to think about, but so much to be excited about with that simple little "yes".  I wish you the very best in this journey and hope that we'll all be celebrating with great news later.  

    I'm just catching up on the last post as well.  The boys are adorable in their costumes.  Ansley had to disguise a turkey this week and chose to decorate it as Yoshi from Super Mario!!  



  • I will be praying that all goes well for you. I am so sorry that you made such a huge decision under duress. I feel the same way myself. :( I'll be sending you many hugs.


  • Wow, Lindsay - this is big news.  I wish you all the best as you head down this journey.  I'm so glad that you got a "yes" and with a careful post-op plan so that you will get the best care.

    I'll be thinking of you and send good thoughts your way that this is a success!



  • Lindsay, this is very exciting!

    Clearly, you've done your research and you are going in the right direction.  I wish you only the best!

    Keep us updated on you,

    Miss ya,


  • Lindsay:

    Good luck with your intervention, as Liz said I am glad you researched for it, I hope all go well for you...

    I am still amazed that your former OB did the tube job in that stressful moment not even asking your DH opinion.... That is the only good thing my stup*** former OB did, when I asked for a tube ligation when Antonella was born he said it was not the best time to consider or ask for it... I am sure I would have regret  that decision...



  • Lindsay,

        Huge hugs and prayers!!!  This is such a huge step for and I'm praying that all goes smoothly.  Hooray for a yes, what fabulous news.  Please keep us posted as you continue down this path.


  • Thanks ladies:)  

    Lorena, when I got to the hospital, I quickly called home to tell Raymond that I did arrive safely and that I would probably be having the baby that night (we were minute from midnight) as my water broke and I was bleeding nonstop.  Fetal heart monitor came in, no heartbeat, and I called him again to tell him the horrible news.  He broke out into tears almost immediately and I very calmly told him that I had to go and that the OB wanted to talk to him.  She did tell him that I said I wanted to tie my tubes and he's such a dear and said, "Do whatever she wants."  Obviously, a sweetheart and so very supportive.  That's why I married the man, but I was not in the right frame of mind.  I was in shock and just wanting it all to be over knowing well that when I woke up, the bump in my tummy wouldn't be as large and our son would be gone.  So hard.  Going to see if I can try to fix this mistake for one more chance.

    Love you ladies,


  • Just browsing around and found your post from few weeks ago.  How exciting for you to be heading in this new direction! I hope everything works out safely for you.

    Your post reminds me of something new I learned recently, relating to tubal ligation decision. I was at a c-section prep/childbirth class last weekend, and at one point the instructor/nurse said if considering tubal ligation to discus with our drs ASAP as policy requires written consent 6 weeks before due date/planned c-section date.  I thought this seemed odd, why require consent ahead of time?  She said the stress at the time of surgery/labor could be a hard time to make decisions... which makes sense.  She implied this is state law/policy in CT, not just policy at this one hospital.