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  • Awesome on making that 100 dollars, not too bad for 3 hours!  Great that you're taking your health into your own hands, that's wonderful!  It sounds like you are being so proactive in making your next pregnancy as healthy and safe as you can!  I hope that one day soon you will feel that your family is complete, although I know you will forever be missing your Naethyn.  Sending you many hugs!


  • Thanks Stacy!  I'm so trying to do what I can because I honestly don't know what else to do.  I decided to take a LOA this year and because I made that decision, I no longer have a job in my district for next year.  My state did away with tenure, so my 7 years in mean nothing.  In the event that I can lose a significant amount of weight this year, I am tempting to opt for a tube reversal and try our luck one more time.  For the money, it might be better to go the IVF route, but there are some risks involved for me with the meds and so surgery seems better.  The fact is, I can't carry a baby to term, so it might be foolish to try again.  I know that if I were to have a better OB, I think I'd have a better chance.  A chance is all I really wanted and I feel robbed of that.  So, one day at a time, but still feeling very empty and a bit lost about our next step/phase of our lives . . .