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  • How does life get so busy when all we really want is a calm life???  I'm glad that he's able to get the services that ya'll have been waiting on.  I'm sure he'll do great with it!!  


  • Finding balance in it all is such an ongoing challenge.  I'm glad to hear things are falling into place- and hope the new providers are excellent.

    Hugs momma,


  • I do not understand about the colors of highlighters...meaning for your schedule?? I am so glad that Mr. T is getting all the help he needs ...... that  seems like  a good plan, focus on today.... Mr. T is so lucky to have a wonderful mom,



  • It sounds like you a great therapist who sees your son. I hope he can continue to make progress... And I totally relate to the " it's all I can handle at the moment" comment. I feel the same way and am just trying to navigate all these emotions

    Have a great summer Lindsay


  • Hi Lindsay!!!

                      I miss you! I'm glad things are working out with the therapies :) I can understand the wandering feeling. I hope things get a bit easier the next little while. I'll try to email you soon!!


  • Lindsay- it must be so reassuring to finally see progress with everything you've been doing over the last year or so.  great job momma!

    living in the right here and right now- that's my mantra too :)

    take care,


  • Lindsay- ha ha, i just read your post to my blog...umm, the car isn't as great as it looks :)  i know eating in the car is a bad habit, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  don't you love finding those old nasty crumbs down in the creases of the car seats, yuk!

    And yes, it was such a nice birthday present!  we have a big ultrasound scheduled for Monday, the 16week anatomy scan and first cervical length, fingers crossed!

  • The "here and now" - sometimes a very hard place to stay in!  I sometimes have a pard time staying in the present and focusing on today.

    It sounds like you are doing a great job of juggling everything and managing.  I'm so glad to hear that T is getting all situated w/ his therapies - I know that must be a relief to you!

    Big Hugs Lindsay!!